Our Guarantee

Should you decide to contract with Creative Design Decks, we make the follwing promises:

  1. Most of our projects start within two weeks of planning.
  2. We do not sub-contract any of the deck building work. David Stevens founded and owns Creative Design Decks. He always involves himself personally with deck planning and construction and employs a small crew of trusted workers to help him with the job.
  3. We strive to preserve the existing natural beauty of your property by respecting your lawn and home. We do our best to leave the rest of your property untouched when we build the deck.
  4. Construction guarantee (see frequently asked questions): It depends on what the job is. I cannot guarantee pressure treated wood against minor splitting and warping. However, I can guarantee it against anything that is structural or dangerous.
  5. It doesn't come up very often but I generally fix up anything people complain about for the first 2 or so years, but you can't expect furniture grade finishes to last on something that is going to sit outside. I think that pretty much every deck and porch I've built over the last 25 years is still standing.

The majority of our current business comes in via referrals from customers that are pleased with our past work.
We also build gazebos, covered decks, and wooden fences. Basically, any type of deck that you request.

We look forward to helping you create your dream deck.

-- David Stevens


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